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    The highest position of Goloka Vṛndāvan

    After entering into the transcendental world like Vaikuṇṭha Dhām, Goloka Vṛndāvan’s position is so high position because viddhi-mārg cannot enter there.

    Gradation is everywhere and in everything

    The strata of the spiritual world is based upon degrees of dedication. Just as the strata of the material world is based upon degrees of exploitation.

    Как меняются наши представления о сознании Кришны?

    На самом деле изначально мы несем в себе материальные взгляды на суть сознания Кришны, но по мере соприкосновения со служением мы преображаемся, и материальный, мирской аспект нашего понимания уходит из нас.

    God's imagination

    Some people would say, "Art is all about imagination", then you can say that there's no superior art to imagination of Kṛṣṇa and the Vraja-gopīs. God also has an imagination.

    The power of love

    Krishna is addicted to love and affection in a heart of his devotees.The Supreme Powerful becomes powerless or becomes the plaything of the devotee.

    Kṛṣṇa will conquer the whole heart

    “Hear about Krishna from someone who has real love and affection for Krishna, substantially, and when that enters your heart the flag of Krishna conception will be planted in that soil and ultimately spread its influence and claim the heart in the ultimate victory.”

    Spiritual strength

    Spiritual life is the ultimate battle. It's not for weak-minded, impendent people. This is the ultimate noble fight, noble struggle. So, brave act to admit once, to candidly admit, doinya atma-nivedanam, that not only I can't help others, I cannot help myself. That's not a sign of weakness, it takes courage to make that statement.

    Natural function of the soul

    We must awake and search for the center of everything, the Organic Whole, which we are all a part of. Our duty is to serve for the good of the whole and that's the highest position of the soul. So devotion is the plane of fulfillment, harmony, sweetness, where all love exists. This is devotion and plane of dedication, and it's Reality the Beautiful.

    Demolishing the pillars of ego

    What is it that will dissolve the false concept of self and promote the proper concept of self? Through the spiritual association our position will improve.

    One drop is enough!

    So The Search for Sri Krishna is like that. It’s very highly concentrated devotional nectar if you like, and just by a little taste of that it will satisfy you, it will transform your life, and then you’ll go out and transform other people’s lives and gradually the transformation will be total.