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  • Желание снова встретить Шрилу Гурудева

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    Author: Srimati Bhakti Lalita Devi Dasi Cycle: Unsorted
    Place: Gupta Govardhan Chiang Mai Downloaded: 0 Played: 1904

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    Good morning, everybody! In some parts of the world it's evening time. We have a question from South Brazil, from Ivoty, near Porto Alegre. Rajesvari dd is asking expanding on a few things we spoke about in the last class. About Sri Guru and his grace, and about how Krishna is ultimately the acharya, acharyamam vijanayam, revealing himself in so many ways. How Guru is more than meets the eye. So, Rajesvari dd who is one of our favorite followers, watches the show, always participating. She asked, "I was thinking, if it was right not to desire to meet with Srila Gurudev in one next life? Is that right, to have that feeling, that I want to meet my Guru, who was my initiating Guru, that same person. Is it ok, that feeling, that desire to want to meet him again, in the next lifetime?
    . And of cause, that's a perfectly beautiful desire, we all desire that. We know that our connection to Sri Guru is eternal. It goes beyond this lifetime, it's life after life.  “Cakhu-dan dilo jei, janme janme prabhu sei” - life after life, the one who gave us Krishna, who is connecting us, and blessing us with devotional services, is our Lord birth after birth. Srila Shridhar Maharaj gives importance and stress to our vision, because if we see our Guru again in another lifetime, it will not be the same form that we know of, the same external form, will not be the same. That will change. And how will we recognize him?
    . So, that takes deeper vision, going to the spiritual, coming out of material vision and going into the spiritual vision. The depth of our vision has to increase. Our vision will be purified and evolved from the material to the spiritual. Then we might be able to perceive our guru in another lifetime, in another form. So, that same person may come as a divine agent, if it is the will of Krishna, the will of Radharani, the will of our Guru. May come again to take up where we left of. But, how will we recognize him? 
    . So, on our side we need development, we need to make progress, purify our vision, our consciousness, deepen our understanding, make progress in spiritual life, then maybe we can detect our spiritual master again. Maybe the sound of his voice, how it's penetrates us, may the heart will recognize, "This is my Guru speaking to me, in a different form". Maybe we'll recognize some manner of speech, a particular way of delivery. Maybe something we remembered and appreciated about the spiritual characteristics of our Guru, we may see that again. But, from our side we need to develop, we need to progress.
    . So, that's an all important point. She said, "I was thinking, how beautiful the form he chose to reveal for all the devotees of Srila Gurudev. In a way, I wanted so badly to meet Gurudev and to be with him for some time. Do you think that it's ok?" Of cause we appreciate the beautiful form he chose, he came in such a radiant form, auspicious, there's bodily symptoms, so charming, so lovable. But we have to be prepared for another form. Maybe even more charming and more beautiful. And maybe, something we could never conceive of, maybe in a different agenda, maybe in a different planetary system. So, the form will change. What we saw in this lifetime was a particular form he assumed. It's ok to want to see that again, but the reality is that the form will change. 
    . The reality also is that person may change. Krishna in the background revealing himself in the infinite variety of forms. He may wish to send a different agent to us. So, where ever the truth comes, with our heads we are eager to attain the grace of Guru and Krishna, being ready to move in the direction the divine currant is flowing.
    . “Is our Gurudev going to manifest again to me in a way that my little understanding can see?” I think we've answered that. And also we know that when an eternal associate of the Lord comes down from the transcendental world and assumes that middle position to preach, to extend Krishna consciousness to others, that type of Guru who's coming down, he will go back to his spiritual position in the spiritual world. We can find him there, in the line of Sri Rupa, Lalita Devi, Radharani's delegation. Our Gurus are there, as he engaged in transcendental service. So that hope is there, that if we can get their grace and their blessings birth after birth, and make progress and reach our ultimate destination in Goloka Vrindavan. There we can meet him, but in the different from, with the different name, and we will recognize him there, by his grace, by the grace of spiritual guardians.
    . So, nothing is impossible, everything is possible, but what is most urgent is our progressive spiritual marsh must continue. We must make progress and evolve, become purified, realize, self-realization, God-realization. That will help us, again unite with our Guru. But we must also be familiar with concepts, universal conception of Guru, who is Guru really. And to be able to accommodate the idea of the plurality, “vande gurum” you'll see so many times. Krishnadas Kaviraj Goswami is writing, Raagunath Das Goswami. radha-kundam giri-varam aho radhika-madhavasham prapto yasya prathita-kripaya shri-gurum tam nato 'smi
    . We have many Gurus, Guru is plural, Guru is also one, this all coming from Krishna, and more specific Radharani. So that delegation, the agents of the Supreme Reality are caring that currant, distributing that, connecting everyone to Krishna, the will of Krishna. So we have to accommodate, there are many gurus, many forms and whichever way the truth is coming to us, we accept that gratefully. Not to get to attached, to the external, the form. What we want is the substance. And sometimes you'll see there's a way to answer a question in a way that is suitable for our particular class, there's the answer for the primary section, there is an answer for the intermediate, and there's an answer for the first class devotees. So, according to our capability, our heart, we can accommodate the truth, so many facets, so many dimensions. 
    . So, in conclusion, yes, there's hope. We can meet again, unite again with our Guru, the one who connected us in this lifetime. Who is now withdrawn from this external world. But, be prepared to recognize him in a different form. I hope that answers Rajeshvari dd's questions and that she feels encouraged. She served most of her time in separation from Srila Gururdev, but so much eagerness there, so mush heart, so much devotion for him. But really she received his association through separation. That is substantial. Not to think, "I lived millions of miles away, I didn't get to see him like everyone else, but if your heart was more eager and really connected to him through your service in separation, then there's no lack of association, and you will have had his association. And serving his devotees, disciples and followers there considered the vaibhav of the Guru, the extensions of Guru. They're transmitting what they have heard, what they've learned, the glories of Guru, they share that wherever they go, in their speech, in their association with devotees. 
    . So, in this way she received no lack of association. And that intense hankering is very healthy, we aspire for that much eagerness. So, we can also draw our Guru’s attention down from the spiritual world by our eagerness, this type of eagerness. Like, Advaita Acharya brought Mahaprabhu down through intense prayer, through his worship, calling the Lord appear because of his heart and his worship, his devotion. So, Guru and Gauranga, Krishna and Nityananda Prabhu, they can't ignore our prayers.