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  • The greatest welfare work

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    Author: Srimati Bhakti Lalita Devi Dasi Cycle: Beauty Over Power
    Duration: 00:06:29 Date: 2016-05-17 Size: 17.16Mb Place: Gupta Govardhan Chiang Mai Downloaded: 486 Played: 1705

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    We will see for ourselves and sweet develop. We begin to realize, we have soul and and that's all life forms. The scriptures of their and supporting.
    This fact, this truth. Bhagavad - Gita appreciated by so many, all over the world different kinds, different types people, atheists also read Bhagavad - Gita appreciated. It's for everyone and that truth is that. And who is fortune will appreciated and takes good spiritual fortune, we call "sukriti".
    But someone doesn't have "sukriti", they may never know the truth. So, the devotees always trying to distribute "sukriti". And greatest wall welfare workers, always trying to bring everyone touch with reality and to extend spiritual culture to them. All the activities outreach to the public
    All meant for greatest good. It's highest type of charity be on humanitarianism
    It's extending what is real solution to all the problems of life. Wholesale releaf Srila Sridhar maharaj talk about the devotees are. Not wholesalers and marketing complete relief, distributing that and actively serving the public for comlete relief from material suffering supplying all solutions to the problems of life.
    Solving the greatest dangerous life which is death. Dangerous looking in everyone's background in this material world.
    We know anytime could come and everything we are doing will be stopped everything we own will be ... and how to live everithing at that time. It's like a threats. Srila Sridhar maharaj ..death devouring everything and everybody in this material platform.
    It's mundane plan of existens. So, by practicing, be preacing, extending this others, you helping others in most sustantial way. And maybe we're not fully realise, fully advanced, but my practicing and preaching.
    We is give us more and more impetuous string. So, commission comes from distributing what you have you will not become bankrupt, what you will get some commission for your distribution. Giving out others what you have.
    That type of spiritual. Marketing is there. Who's never alas, never depletion, when you give spiritual substance others. You'll your sustance will only increas
    And, like that, we've go on spy ring to perform greatest welfare. All living beings, not just human in spent animals plans inanimate objects.
    When Srila Sridhar maharaj whoes asked about international society of krishna consciousness. He had a very hopeful vision, very beautiful vision. He said that it will distributes the Holy Name to a'' the different plans of existence. Plants and animals, the spread  the oceans and continents, give everyone greatest necessity.
    I'm will thrive and flourish, like anything, spread to all the living entities and bringing everyone, everything in touch with reality.