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  • Sincerity is Invincible

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    Author: Srimati Bhakti Lalita Devi Dasi Cycle: Beauty Over Power
    Duration: 00:06:56 Date: 2016-05-17 Size: 18.45Mb Place: Gupta Govardhan Chiang Mai Downloaded: 528 Played: 1765

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    The main ingredient is sincerity, the main ingredient in our spiritual life is sincerity.
    That we will be sincere in our approach to spiritual life and maintain that throughout our spiritual life and our whole devotional practice. That is essential. Srila Sridhar maharaj says: "sincerity is invincible" . You'll be invincible, by being sincere nothing you can stop, nothing check, ruin you, if you sincere.
    That's a main importance for us to maintain and to have that. Always one to keep mindful and some control, some discipline for the mind, for the senses, for are thinking, willing, feeling process.
    Keep it God centric centered around Krishna and not for one's own selfish purpose someone's ego. So, that requires and self control, some counsciousness in a daily practice in life. Always be mindful what are my intentions, why am i here and why did i come, always maintained that.
    Sincerity, if how you came and while you came searcing for the truth and one in Krishna, because on the path you will be tested. So many obstacles may come and so many temptations may be there.
    As you make advancement there's so many pitfalls to avoid. Fame- "kanak, kamini, pratishtha". Wealth come to you, women or men , make coming offer themselves. You may have them the chance to enjoy and fame will come to you by becoming a great devotee will become famous and you will how to face these three things in your spiritual path kanak, kamini, pratishtha.
    So, we know the remedy to that is to be in situated and counsciousness where we can always offer or wealth to the Lord.
    Any men or women belong to the Lord they're all servants of the Lord, meant for the Lord, enjoiment. And all fame can be offered to the Guru
    . We may hear the classification kanak, the wealth Narayan, Lakshmi-Narayan, kamimi-women for Krishna and pratishtha for Guru. Is there there where the recipients of those three things, but, if we try to digest them will be illusors and we may have a fall down from those three things.
    So, not be our intention, when we begin our spiritual lives, we've come, because with this a truth and touch my heart and i want to give my life and we begin practicing we get connection, but then we may come across these three things in our spiritual life on the path. Somewhere along the path will be tempted and that's when we need to be very deligent and self-controlled and be counscious these things and not for pray to them.
    So, our sincerety will help us at that time. Our sincerety will teach us- no, i do not want wealth for myself, it all belongs to the lord. Use it for the Lord, give it to the Lord. Any kind of men or women enjoiment that comes. No, i'm not an exploiter. The sincerety will teach us. I'm not an exploiter, i'm servant. And all people, all men or women are meant for Krishna also, not for my enjoiment.
    And Pratishtha, if it comes, we can think in a sincere mood, that Guru has given me everything we're here, because of Guru. We wouldn't be here, if it woesn't for the grace of our Guru. He's the giver of everything. He connected us, he gave us "Krishna nam", gave us all facility for practicing and preaching
    And by His mercy we alone we are here all glory goes to Guru. Nothing for me. That sincere mood that will save us, not has to me. Be maintaned through our whole spiritual life and that will be save.