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  • Worshiping Tulasi Devi

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    Author: Srimati Bhakti Lalita Devi Dasi Cycle: Beauty Over Power
    Duration: 00:03:35 Date: 2016-05-17 Size: 9.78Mb Place: Gupta Govardhan Chiang Mai Downloaded: 511 Played: 1674

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    Anyone dear to Krishna is worshipable for us.
    So Tulasi Devi is dear to Krishna, the giver of Krishna bhakti. And Krishna would not any food offerings without Tulasi. So, we offer her leafs, take care of her wherever she resides, she blesses, environment is all auspiciousness.
    And we worship her in a worship to Krishna. And she lives her body, she lives would we make the beadroo and we wear on neck, usu for a chanting japa mala, kunti mala.
    And we know her to be a mother of devotion, dear to Krishna, giving Krishna bhakti. And Vrindavan is name of "vrinda" is a name of tulasi, Vrindavan a forrest of Tulasi and Krishna Vrindavan is all interconnected with associates and His divine pasttimes.
    And Tulasi Vrinda devi has apart to play in that abode. And we're protected, when we wear her on the neck, she protect us in inauspiciousness and we are specially went to wear them,  if that moment comes, we leave the body and we're wearing Tulasi, she will protect us and prevent the Yamadutas getting us.
    The associates of Yamaraj supetentended of death. She protect us from them. And, like that.
    Jusr simple way, because she's dear to Krishna, because everything we offer must have Tulasi leafs on them. We worship her, we ... her take care of her and wear her, and chant on her beads. And this way favorable and beneficial for spiritual lifes, connection to Tulasi.