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  • We find our own faults

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    Author: Srimati Bhakti Lalita Devi Dasi Cycle: Beauty Over Power
    Duration: 00:04:58 Date: 2016-05-16 Size: 13.22Mb Place: Gupta Govardhan Chiang Mai Downloaded: 316 Played: 993

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    Signs that tell us we choose not the best way of our spiritual life. We need to analyze ourselves at every step. Self analysis is very important. Question:  Can make example os science like this, science the tell us choose the not best way of our spiritual life? Bhakti Lalita:
    I think, the main thing as we have to be conscious of our thought processis. We need to be aware of our consciousness, what we thinking and is it correct and is it faulty. We need to analyze ourselves at every step. Self-analysis is very important for spiritual practitioner, to always be counscious.
    And, so, if we 're starting to think something ill or wrong, beginning to judge. We have to be counscious of out thoughts, before any science, might appear inveroment. Little go back and watch our thought process. So, we don't want thoughts to be our mind, we wan't a counsciousness clean and thinking good things and anything bad we find must be, must be coming side us, we have ti fix that.
    We shoul be busy for that and most of us , we will find, we have more than enough work to do on ourselves. So, like that, one step behind, watсhing of our thoughts.
    Not allowing them to take control in get to the point of judging others. We stop. The same nip in the bud, catch it before it's manifesting, like a flower.
    Flower bad, before it opens, we remove it. Thats a generous wait to see something unfortunate, but, like that, we don't want to allow in any weeds in the Guardian of our Bhakti lata bidge seed of devotion.
    We maintain that gardens care, taking out all the weeds, all the bad things from our consciousness kama, krodha, lobha, moha. Lust, anger, greed, hatred, envy, madness. All unwanted things in the garden, we clear out and give water to our creeper, the seed.
    Water is chanting, chanting the holy name, Krishna mahamantra, that's watering the seed, seed sprouts, grows and reaches all the way it's a creeper of devotion, eventionally reaches the lotus feet of Krishna. So, we can think like that.
    Keep our garden, clean and healthy and favorable for our seed of devotion. This way would be doing good things thinking, good things chanting without a fans, appreciating everyone service and not finding fault with anybody, but our own onself.
    We can find all the fault, spend our whole day, finding our faults, but not for others. We always have to maintain this mood in this humble position and then there's hope for spiritual lives.