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  • Arati in the Temple

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    Author: Srimati Bhakti Lalita Devi Dasi Cycle: Beauty Over Power
    Duration: 00:04:11 Date: 2016-05-16 Size: 11.44Mb Place: Gupta Govardhan Chiang Mai Downloaded: 2534 Played: 5141

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    Question: The most important arati is the first of the day one, in brahma muhurta. Cause that's the start of your day and you want to start it in an auspicious way. Bhakti Lalita: I would say  is the most important arati is the first on of the day, in Brahma-muhurta.
    Early morning hours, that's the most important one, because that's the start of your day and you want to started in an inauspicious way and by worshiping and that will give you strenght thtrought the whole day and here in our temple in Chiang Mai we have a simplified program where there isn't a new araty, we only have two every day.
    We have mangala Arati and sannyaya over arati, evening arati. Morning and evening. So, i tried ... and i think we have to be practical with our service schedules. Try a best, but give more importance to the morning time, if possible.
    And we go the arati, to see the worshiped of the deity, to owner the worship of the deity. And i'v never be a pudjari, but i'v seen Srila Gurudev give a few suggestions to the pudjari that, i think would it be interesting for everyone.
    And he showed how to worship ythe Lord with peacock fan and he said:" Try to see, how peacock dances" and it's to be offered in that way, they have like a dance where tails open and, like this, you'll see in Jagganatha Puri. The pujari worshiped Lord Jaganath and he break him down for the ratha yatra and he comes with that, peacock crown and they move him in such away it looks like peacocks dancing.
    So, Srila Gurudev show the pujari not lik this, but go closed deity and reach arm out, do, like a peacock. And, if you go to youtube, you can watch, how peacocks dance and try to offer the fan like that.
    And he gave also the suggestion to be very personal with the deity. Don't, you know, worry to much about the technicalities and stay so far come a little cloth and give your heart, as your worshipping. And, as someone in arati chanting and singing, it's even better, if it pudjari knows how to worship properly and has very personal approach to the deity
    And Lord Giriradj is the most simple type of worship. And, he doesn't take any offense. And, so, we can not be so worried, when we worsip him.
    He is mercyful, kind, generous, happily accepting our offerings. And he looks, like a stone.
    But really it's a form of Krishna and servitor of Krishna in one form. And it's part, he is part of amount of Govardhan.
    And we know a part of the infinite is also infinite. So, our Guru said that, part of the infinite is infinite.