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    • 8 July, 2016
      The Best of The Goswamis

       Appearance of Gadadhar Pandit.  Personification of Gaura-prem to the highest degree. Svarup — spiritual body, expression of dedicating tendency. Madhura—the sweetest rasa, the source of all other rasas. Harmony includes many different elements.  In rasa-lila every gopi is unique, but one stands out.  To know what it is like to be Radharani, Krishna steals Her heart and the remainder is Gadadhar Pandit.  Radharani is the supreme cook. Krishna consciousness is the tasteful religion.  Nimai Pandit and Gadadhar Pandit’s pastimes. Chandravali—Rukmini—Gadadhar Pandit. Radharani—Satyabhama: bhama-bhav, nature of opposition which makes the pastimes sweeter. Krishna knows your heart: Gadadhar Pandit and Vallabha Bhattacharya. Krishna’s apparent cruelty makes heart sweeter and deeper. Before Mahaprabhu descends, Radharani envelops Krishna with Her halo for protection. How “Bhagavad-arca-marici-mala” was composed by Bhaktivinod Thakur.  Shloka in praise of Vyasadev and Gadadhar-pranam by Sridhar Maharaj. Mahapabhu experiences separation from Krishna, not the joys of union. Intensity of Mahaprabhu’s love sickness. Gadadhar Pandit assuages Mahaprabhu with Bhagavatam shlokas. Gaur-Gadadhar — acharya-lila of Radha and Krishna, not madhurya-rasa pastimes.  Culture of separation: the only reasonable approach.  To live in the eternal plane of faith.

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    • 6 July, 2016
      Appearance Day of Sri Nityananda Prabhu

      With Srila Avadhut Maharaj

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