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  • Celebration of Advaita Acharya's Appearance Day

    Chiang Mai 2012 - Celebration of Advaita Acharya's Appearance Day

    Author: Bhakti Sudhir Goswami Cycle: Chiang Mai 2012 Uploaded by: Radha Raman das Created at: 7 October, 2013
    Duration: 00:43:26 Date: 2012-01-30 Size: 39.77Mb Place: Gupta Govardhan Chiang Mai Downloaded: 1228 Played: 4071
    Transcribed by: Nalina Sundari d.d.

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    Today is the, celebrating the Appearance of Advaita Acharya as we sing, Sri Krsna Chaitanya Prabhu Nityananda Sri Advaita Gadadhara Srivasadi Gaura Bhakta Vrnda. Sometines Guru Maharaj like to by himself he's always singing these divine names, different ways, sometimes he would sing, "Nitay Gour Gadadhar Advaita Srivas." He liked to take (?) the name Nityananda Prabhu, but Mahaprabhu Gauranga Sundar, gauranga sundara nagara bhara nityam nijer nama vi. So, the devotees, Rupa Goswami says, 'advaita-dvaita' in his Chaitanyastakam, svarupam vibranam jagata-tulyam advita dvaita prapanna srivaso janita paramananda gaurima harir dino dhari gajapati krpotsekatarala sat chaitanya kamepumar api drsorya sati badan (?). His heart is expressing his divine vision that he saw from time to time, and he is recalling here, "Advaita Acharya, as being advaita dvaita, which means very dear, the dear Advaita Acharya."
    Once Guru Maharaj tells (?) Mahaprabhu asked one of his devotees, "What do you think of my Advaita?" How do you say nara? Nera. That's he would call, nera. "What do you think of my, what do you think of him?" That one devotee said, "Well, like Prahlad Maharaj." And he said, Mahaprabhu became furious and said, "My Advaita, you're comparing him to Prahlad? A boy of the other day?" Like Prahlad is a boy, and you dare compare them. That we're telling the other day about gift to the world on Visnupriya Devi's, on Vasant-pancami, visnupriya's Appearance, we're saying, "What is her gift to the world?" Because it's not so apparent to our untrained eye, but Srila Guru Maharaj told, "Her gift to the world is Chaitanya Mahaprabhu," she gave the possession of her heart. But then we'll be told, "Yes, but Mahaprabhu says, He came down here in the calls of Advaita, and by the nam, Krsna-nam of Haridas Thakur." And we'll hear other things too, so one thing we can conclude is that the devotee is one who gives us Krsna, that we'll understand. It is by the grace of devotees that we come in connection with Krsna substantially.
    Srila Guru Maharaj mentioned in his own case, that before getting mantra-diksa, second initiation or at the time of, well, we'll say before that, he was already, by birth, Ramendrachandra Bhattacharya, so, he's coming from a high class Brahmin family, Sanskrit speaking, Scripture interpreters, etc. So, when he took Brahminical initiation from Saraswati Thakur, someone, one of his brothers said, "Well, you're already a high class Brahmin, so, high class we're told that when he joined Saraswati Thakur quoted the Bhagavad-gita sloka, yagyad-acharyati srestha tad adi vetarojna, that whatever great man do, the mass will follow, he said, "If man like this joined the Mission, it will be very prestigious for us." That's his remark about Guru Maharaj joining, so then this god-brother says, "But you're already Brahmin, now you're taking brahminical initiation, what are you?" And Guru Maharaj said, he thought for a moment, he said, "A vaisnava." And the God-brother said, "No, now you're being the opportunity to become a servant of a vaisnava." So, he was happy to be adjusted in that way.
    So, and he talks of hearing professor Sannyal's Vyasa Puja to Srila Saraswati Thakur and is was very intense and very intense and very emphatic and saying, "Without you Krsna is of no use to us, what do we know of Krsna without Guru?" As I've mentioned sometimes once on Srila Gurudev's Appearance Day I was giving a talk praising him and also highlighting how much dependent we are upon Guru, and I said, "So much so, and I am quoting guru Maharaj and Gurudev knows that, that if Krsna Himself comes before us the disciple will ask his Guru, ‘Is this Krsna or not? It looks like Krsna, but we'll ask Guru, is this Krsna or not?" And when I ssaid that Gurudev went, [clapping]. Like, "Yes, this is correct."
    So, in Sannyal's address Guru Maharaj said that was one of the first times he heard this intense exclusive type of Guru bhakti devotion to the lotus feet of the Guru putting him in a more important position than Krsna that was what was shocking to him. So, he said, "Then I had to think I've been thinking up to that point that we were told, ‘You must accept the Guru amongst the vaisnavas and follow under his guidance and direction.' But I was thinking inside, that some day my heart's inner hankering for direct connection with Krsna will be satisfied. But after hearing Sannyal and coming fully under the influence of Saraswati Thakur's conception he realized in time that vaisnava is everything, without the vaisnava we have no substantial connection with Krsna. As through the Vaisnava that our connection is tangible, palpable, realistic and goes from the abstract to the concrete." So, we'll say, "The vaisnavas are those who give us Krsna, who bring us in connection with Krsna."
    So, in the beginning chapters of the Chaitanya-chartamrta where it's mentioning Mahaprabhu's descend, the external reasons and internal reasons. So, there is a verse that appears early on and mentions the loud calls of Advaita Acharya. Cause remember before this Advaita Acharya and Haridas Thakur is also living at his house sometimes so there Haridas Thakur is chanting Krsna-nam, that's why he is the nama-acharya, even before Mahaprabhu comes he is got the nam-sankirttan movement going, him and Advaita Acharya, this is their program. And Advaita Acharya once in a very heart felt way, very feelingly movingly, with great love and affection he takes a palm full of tulasi water and a tulasi leef and starts propitiating Krsna to descend as Mahaprabhu and the slok is given where it says, tulasi dala matrena jalasya chulakena bha vikrdite atmanam svam bhakta vatsala (?). This is the power of devotion. Literally in his hand is a a palm full of water, of course, what is that water, we've heard a few days back, brahma drava, it's personality and conception in the form of liquid, that is Yamuna, that is Ganga. So, one palm full of water with one tulasi leaf. Now we shall see these things in terms of how it's mirrored from Bhagavad-gita, but what are told there?
    patram puspam palamtomyam yome bhaktar prayachyati tadaham bhaktya upahrtam asnami prahattatmana
    With a leaf, a flower, fruit, some water, if you offer that to Krsna with love and affection He will accept it, what is offered in love He accepts in love. So, we're told at this time, so Advaita Acharya ostensively he's on the Earth planet in Santipur in Nadiya district, he is praying like this, "In the spiritual world is Krsna and he's thinking, ‘Oh, the time of yuga avatar has come,' some sort of divine calendar, ‘the time for the descend of the yuga avatar has come, He does this many, many, many times, but we're told this time was very special, because besides giving Hare Krsna mahamantra, Krsna-nam, the desire has awakened in his heart to have some private internal experience, this is also addressed by Rupa Goswami in the Chaitanyastakam,
    aparam kasyapi pranayi jana vrndasya kutuki rasotstama hrdva madhuram upa bhoktam kamapiya rucham svam abavre dyuti mihataryam sacchaitanya deva skrtir atitaram na krpaya tu
    Krsna is serving all of the Vraja-gopis, millions and billions we hear from Jayadev Goswami, and it's given in Chaitanya-charitamrta.
    radha-madhaya hrdoye tatyajya-braja sundari, that one is so qualified, Srimati Radharanim, that She cancels the devotion of millions and billions of super devotional personalities, can capture Krsna. Madan-Mohan is Krsna, Madan is Cupid, Madan-Mohan the one who is so beautiful and charming He can bewilder Cupid. Who is Radharani? Madan-Mohan Mohini, who can bewilder that Krsna.
    We know when Mahaprabhu was in the forest of Vrndavan in his divine madness, after taking sannyas he finally went there, cause he's singing, kahan krsna prananath murali vadan, kahan karan karan pan vrajendra nandan. Where is Krsna? Where is the Lord of my heart, where is the Lord of my life? When he finally made it. We're told, "Just in Puri He was in in inconceivable state of divine ecstasy. When He started going towards Vrndavan, just moving into direction of Vrndavan it increased a hundred times, when He reached Vrndavan it increased a thousand times. This type of magnitude is described, development of the magnitude of the eternal ecstasy of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabu, and when he is in the forest and all the trees, the whole animation has become Krsna Conscious, they are all offering themselves to Him in service, that on his fingers (?) two parrots, Suk and Sari, a male parrot and female parrot, and these are not ordinary parrots, they're start quoting Sanskrit slokas, they've composed. What is Krsna Consciousness? The parrots have, "Here is one sloka I've written recently." So, the parrots, the male parrot sings sloka how beautiful is Madan-Mohan Krsna, He's bewildering Cupid, the whole Universe is attracted to Him, that's why He is Krsna, the all attractive. And then the female parrot she is saying, "Well, that's true, but it's only true when He is at the side of Radharani," and then she start singing her slokas, praising Radharani, and then she start singing her slokas praising Radharani, and she says, "In fact that Krsna who is bewildering Cupid, when He is not busy doing that, He is bewildered by Radharani, and Her beauty, and Her sweetness, and Her charm, Her divine movements.
    Like once I asked Madhuchanda didi of Mexico, Veracruz, I said, "Oh, your name, what does your name mean?" Cause we were thinking madhu means honey, chanda means this, she said, "No, not like that." Gurudev said there is another meaning, chanda, and you know from slokas the type of movement of the sloka, but Srila Gurudev said, Madhuchanda means this sweet irresistible, seductive movements of Srimati Radharani, Hare Krsna. Like, that's what he was thinking, when he gave her [this name]. Fell to the ground on the knees. I was innocently asking, that shows you how qualified Srila Gurudev's disciples are also, they are disguised as mild mannered devotees, and then they come out with something like this. And then you must be knowing that they are disciples of Srila Bhakti Sundar Govinda Dev-Goswami Maharaj.
    So, at any rate. So, Krsna, He is it's hrdva-madhuram, means kutuki, means curiosity was aroused, but this is interesting, because Srila Guru Mahraj he will say, that he stolen the heart and halo of Radharani. And someone might come and say, "Well, he is telling that but this is very unique, stolen Her heart." Here upa-bhoktam, hrdva-madhuram-upa-bhoktam, sayd the same thing, so Krsnadas Babaji Maharaj would say, we see the poetry of Srila Guru Maharaj and Rupa Goswami I see them on an equal level. Cause once Guru Maharaj another says (?), "Why Babaji Maharaj you go around to all the Maths, singing the slokas of Srila Sridhar Maharaj? "It's because I see they are on the same level, they are on par (?), with what is been written by Rupa Goswami." So, there Krsna His dealings with Radharani, Radharani has awakened within Him, the curiosity to experience Her position.
    radha pranaya mahima kidrsobhane eva svadbo sabjo yenadbhuta madhurima kidrisam madhiya sokhyam chasya manubhavata tat bhava dhya samajane saccigarbha sindhu hrndu, (?)
    Three reasons he want He is thinking, there is a type of devotion that She alone possesses, that in itself is extraordinary, we think this world is vast, because this sloka says, sudurlabha bhagavata hi loke, how rare Maha-Bhagavat is in this world, but Guru Maharaj once said, "That's this world, there is another world that's full of them."  They are very rare in this world, but there is another world, that's composed of Mahabhagavatas in a varying levels. Where everyone is a devotee. So, Krsna, who is akhila-rasamrta-murit, He is reciprocating the affection and love in the heart of every devotee, from santa-rasa of Vaikuntha up to the Radharani and Vraja-gopis in Goloka, if He says, there is a type of devotion that She alone possesses, and that has captured Me wholesale, how extraordinary that must be.
    So, She is described as Mahabhav svarupini radha thakurani, She possesses an exclusive type of devotion, that's why our guru-varga are exclusively devoted to Her, they want Krsna to have the ultimate experience, the greatest depth of love and affection, so, they are promoting Her, and of course, She is promoting Her group. As Srila Guru Maharaj said in reciprocating out of gratitude, it's beyond the constitutional position of the jiva-soul to experience that, we have sneho man pranayi rag anu rag bhav mahabhav, so, it's beyond constitutional capacity of the jiva-soul to experience that level of Krsna Consciousness, divine ecstasy, but Guru Maharaj said this line, the rupanuga-line, Srimati Radharani out of gratitude tells them, (?) said, "Here have something from our plate, what we're tasting." And that is Mahabhav. He said, once tasting that, what to speak of all other tastes become tasteless, all other rasas become tasteless. So, that is what Krsna wants to taste that also.
    When in Charitamrta once when Nrsimhananda, who can feed Mahaprabhu, Nrsingha Brahmachari, when he makes his offering to Krsna, Jagananda and everything. And Nrsimhadev is his personal Deity. Then Mahaprabhu manifests and eats everything, and he says, "I understand why you're eating Krsna's offerings, but why are you eating Nrsimhadevs' too?" That's okay and that's okay, but you ate Nrsimhadev's also. And then we're told Mahaprabhu wanted to reveal, but at another time it's saying, that it's pointed out by the acharyas and it's mentioned by Kaviraj Goswami, as Krsna he'd already tasted it, so, what is His interest now? With bhakta-bhav in the mood of the devotee, He wanted that taste, because that's the nature of this incarnation, is that what the devotee is tasting and experiencing, Krsna's saying, "I admit it, it's superior, it's in fact, that what Radharani is tasting is ten million times superior than what I'm tasting."  So even though He had as Krsna, still He wanted to relish this as a devotee.
    So, that is asrabyogena sya yenaadbhuta madhurima, that sweetness, and what was the last line? Tadbhavadya, that bhav, radhabhava dyuti suvalita naumi krsna svarupam. So, He is sometimes Guru Maharaj says, discussing this with Radharani and She is worried that when He is under the influence of Mahabhav and feeling separation from Krsna to the extreme, that He is going to be crushing into the ground in ecstasy and harming His divine from, so, She is saying, "I will cover you with my form," and at this time, so, he is contemplating these things, then e says, "What?" He hears the loud cries of Advaita Acharya, so Advaita Acharya is here and he is praying and crying out to Krsna and Krsna's thinking, "Advaita is calling Me, it's the time for the yuga avatar, I have some private personal interest, so, answering these calls of Advaita Acharya he descends here."
    And we hear that at the time of his appearance they have a family Deity Salagram, so it was a custom then, and when Sacimata, Mahaprabhu, Nimai is within Her, She's glowing an effulgent and Devas start descending to the Earth to offer prayers and praise and everything and Jagannath Misra and Saci they are jnana-sunya bhaktas to the extreme, so they are starting like, "Who are these people?" [laughing]. And then they are thinking, "They Deity, what were they thinking? That their Deity, when they would see, after He was born, some footprints, like lotus foot prints around the house, they would think, "The Salagram must be playing," they wouldn't think it was Nimai, they thought it was their Deity showing some pastimes, how sweet they are, "He is showing something that we cannot see." But anyway he had Rupa Goswami saying,
    sadopasya srimandrta kaye pranayitam vahabigir gane girisha parmesta pravrti vri,
    How eager was Siva to come and descend, we're told, he swan-jacked Lord Brahma's swan, he couldn't find his own carrier he jumped on Brahma's swan and like came down, couldn't wait [laughing]. Brahma, Siva, all of these, and they are appearing as Brahmins' wives, they were just very nicely, but simply, not coming as, too overtly, draw attention to themselves as gods and goddesses. So, and that Advaita Acharya, we're told after Nimai was born he wasn't named Nimai, so Sita Thakurani, Advaita Acharya's wife comes with so many gifts and again some of these things are overlap in Bengali culture, cause Nim will keep away ghosts, so she names him Nimai, it's all divine arrangement, names the baby Nimai and they are giving so many gifts to him. And we're told that previously Advaita Acharya he's Mahavisnu Avatar, he's heavy, he's inconceivably heavy, Advaita Acharya, in his other capacity he can generate Universes, it's trying understand who he is. So, if he goes to someone's house and they have an altar and they're Indian folk and might have some Deity that's not totally authentic, but they are worshipping anyway. We're told if Advaita Acharya gives his dandavats and it's not a real bona-fide Salagram-sila, it shatters. [laughs].
    So, then Advaita Achaya come and there is a little baby Nimai, and Advaita Acharya is bowing and people are like, "What is it?" and the little baby is like put his feet on is head, and Saci Mata she is jnana-sunya bhakta, she is thinking, "This will not be good for my boy." Such a great Acharya, he will come in here and bow down to a child, that's not good for his ego [laughs]. So, but what disturbed Advaita Acharya, is Nimai is always showing so much respect to him, cause he is Advaita, and Acharya and Advaita is thinking other your real devotees, you're sometimes chastising, abusing them, but me, you're always showing respect, bowing down, I can't tolerate this. So, he devise the plan, because he is a teacher, Acharya also means teacher, he started teaching mayavad in his classes, and then the word reached Nimai Pandit, that Advaita Acharya is preaching mayavad. Mahaprabhu is like run across the river, find him and start beating him. And Advaita Acharya is dancing in ecstasy, and saying, "Ha, now you stopped!"
    So, later it's also Advaita Acharya, who after Mahaprabhu take sannyas, there is a conspiracy between Nityananda Prabhu and Advaita Acharya, they know Mahaprabhu is wondering in divine madness. Srila Guru Maharaj said, "In a childlike state," saying He is going to Vrndavan, but sometimes He is going North, East, South, West, no particular direction. And esoteric meaning of that is Vrndavan is not a geographical location. So, after few days, three days of fasting and wondering in the. Mahaprabhu has three states, one internal divine condition, half internal, half external and external. So, he is mainly internal at this point, sometimes coming half-way.
    So, He is at the plot (?) of Advaita and Nityananda, Nityananda appears to be a sannyasi. Another fine point can be discussed and Mahaprabhu's addressing, "O, Sripad, where are you going?" Nityananda said, "To Vrndavan, with you." "How did you know I was going?" And Nityananda told some cowherd boys, "If this sannyasi comes through (?) here, and He is lost in His divine madness and He says, ‘Where is Vrndavan?' you just point that way." And so he comes and he sees they're dressed like Gopal, Gopa-balak, cowherd boys and Mahaprabhu is like Hare Krsna, and they go, "Hari Bol!" He's thinking, "Oh! Jamuna, Hari Bol, cowherd boys. Vrndavan! Which way is Vrndavan? That way." That's when he sees Nityananda, "Come on! Follow me!" And he sees the Jamuna, he offers those prayers, bathe in the Jamuna and then realizes gradually, he's been tricked by Nityananda Prabhu and starts coming out, because at that point Advaita Acharya shows up on a boat, and Mahaprabhu said, "Advaita, how did you know I was in Vrndavan?" And Advaita Acharya says, "Wherever you are that is Vrndavan." What do you mean, how do I know? Where you are that's Vrndavan, everyone knows that, you know that. And Mahaprabhu sees, "Oh, Nityananda, Advaita, they've tricked me."
    And then Advaita is saying, "My Lord!" and he has more bahirvas, and the uttariya and the kaupin, and they give Mahaprabhu some dry clothes and then he says, Advaita Acharya, who is Mahavisnu, he says, "I am a poor man, a poor grhastha, I don't have much, but you please come to my house and after three days of fasting, take your (?) there. So, they take Mahaprabhu to Santipur, where (?) to Navadwip to Sacimata to come. And they cook, and Advaita Acharya he offers so many wonderful preparations, this list. This is also interesting about this so called religion, Krsna Consciousness, there is verse after verse of what the preparations are. I've been reading it for forty years, an this why we're fortunate to have Nitya Gopal Prabhu here, because he knows what many of these things are, maybe not all, but many of them, and can make many of them too and that's just extraordinary, because we're told, the Absolute Truth is raso-vaisah, He's full of flavor, forget all of these nonsense discussions about God, He's full of flavor, He's tasty, tasteful, so all of what we take, all these different tastes and flavors, [a child's yelling], "Yeah, Hare Krsna! We have some enthusiastic bhaktas there, aspiring Gopa-balaks." So, and Advaita is offering this and we see also the humor of the spiritual world too that, so, Advaita Acharaya is begging Nityananda Prabhu and Mahaprabhu to sit before them and again they made some plates for the Deities, and the two of them Mahaprabhu's saying, "Yeah, take a little bit and put some on my plate." And Advaita is like, "Let me just serve prasadam." Like, "Don't, you're killing me, give me a little rice and some sabji on a plate, like Mahaprabhu is doing that, and then he sit down.  
    But Nityananda, what is his mood? He is his first other, other that Krsna, for it's Balaram, other than Mahaprabhu, Nityananda, is he going to be carbon copy of him? No. What does Nityanada say? They say, what is it? Aman? How many kilos is a man? Man, an amount, weight, [bala], anyway, there is something like a hundred and fourty-four kilos of rice put before them. And Nityananda said, "I had hope to break my fast today." [laughs]. And Advaita Acharya said, "What?" Saying, "I was hoping to break my fast today and I see, it's not going to be possible." And Advaita Acharya was like, "Who have we invited here? Who is he?" That's a joke, because his name is what? Avadhut. This is the mysterious thing, we won't go to all the details at this moment, but Avadhut, when we say, "Saddvaitam, savadhutam, parijana sahitam sri krsna chaitanya devam," in the famous pranam Nityananda is called ‘the Avadhut,' so, Advaita is playing (?), Avadhut means he's beyond all rules, regulation, caste, everything, so, Advaita is saying, "I've invited a guest who's caste is unknown, who knows what's going to happen to me. I'm just a householder, I've got to be careful about who I invite to dinner. And we've got this person here, no one is sure what he is, as far as I can see," he uses the word vrastha, he's like a fallen paramahamsa, "Who had appears (?) his only purpose in life is to go around visiting grhasthas, giving them a hard time. [laughs]. And so, they are playing in this way.
    And every time Mahaprabhu takes prasadam, when his bowl goes half, and then Mahaprbahu's saying, "How is this going to work everytime?" Advaita is, "No, you eat and then you leave, you leave the rest." "No sannyasi should…" Don't worry about all of these sannyasi shouldn't do this or that, you take this." So, he is happily serving everyone, and then Nityananda after eating so much takes some rice and throws is down in Maharaj bhav, but some of the rice, so Advaita Acharya starts dancing around, "I am so fortunate, I've got the remnants of Nityananda," and Nityananda says, "Hey, look, it's prasadam, honor it! It's Krsna prasadam, don't say all of these other things, this is Krsna prasadam, should be respected, honored and taken in a particular mood." And so they are playing with the each other, just think of it, Mahavisnu Avatar, Advaita Acharya, he's also Sada Siva, and Nityananda Prabhu, who is the Avadhut. So, after they eat, then Advaita Acharya he is giving them nice chandan, sandalwood pulp garlands, some pan, so, they are relaxing, going to rest little bit, some fanning.
    Then they start to have kirttan, Advaita starts leading a kirttan a little later, and this kirttan becomes super ecstatic with Mahaprabhu dancing in ecstasy, Nityananda Prabhu, Advaita, Srivas Thakur, Chandrasekhar Acharya, all these great devotees, Mukunda, and at the certain point, Mahaprabhu, or Advaita Acharya recognizing his mood in a particular flow and development of rasa, he turns and he start singing the song of Vidyapati, that's sung in the voice of Radharani, from Her point of view, and He said, "How happy I am today after this long separation Madhava has come to my house." Hearing this all the eight types of ecstatic symptoms swip (?) the body of Mahaprabhu, we're told they are fighting like soldiers, one ecstasy fighting with the other ecstasy and he is falling to the ground. And then Mukunda, he start singing, or Advaita he says further to Mahaprabhu he is singing he says, "For all these years you been bluffing me and escaping, and now I captured you," then he grabs Mahaprabhu's lotus feet, got them on his head, they are all dancing, they are all in ecstasy, scene is inconceivable, and at that time, then Mukunda starts singing, and in his song, he is singing again from the position of Srimati Radharani, "Wherever Krsna was, if I could find where Krsna was, I would fly there now." And Kaviraj Goswami says, hearing that Mahaprabhu's mind shuddered to pieces. And he was crawling on the ground in divine ecstasy and they realized this was becoming so intense that it needed to stop, because he had been fasting for three days coming and so Advaita Adharya, Nityananda Prabhu they stopped this.
    And then Saci comes the next day from Navadwip, is making all of the prasadam, and everyone wants to invite him to their house. But she says, "You'll all get to see him, I won't, so please, let me give the prasadam," so for ten days he stay there. And it's later, it's Advaita Acharya again, he invited Mahaprabhu, then se sent a mystic poem to Mahaprabhu later in Puri, and Mahaprabhu shows to Svarup Damodar and said, "What is the meaning of this?" And it says, you know that poem? Ala and chala? (?) it's about rice in a market place, where he says, that the rice, he's saying basically, everyone is being fed, rice is no longer a value in a marketplace. And he's basically telling him that he can leave now. You've done, what you came to do, you came to inundate the world in love of Krsna, Krsna-prem, you succeeded in that and when Svarup Damodar says, "I can't decide (?) for this," Mahaprabhu says, "As far as I can understand, Advaita Acharya is that kind of person, who like we see in India, they make a Deity for the festival, then you have a festival, and then they throw the Deity in the pond, that's what he says. And again this is divine, then he says, "I think he is like that." (?) they make a Deity and then once the Deity does its function, then…But really he's telling him, he is telling him, "Now, up to that point this was Mahaprabhu's public life, if we can believe that, bahiranga sanga kore nam-sankirttan, now antaranga sange kore rasa asvadhan, he is giving him permission, "Now, deeply you can go into the Radha-bhav, behind closed doors in the Gambhir with Svarup Damodar and Ramananda Ray, fro the last twelve years of his life." Hare Krsna.