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  • "Who can understand the joy of separation?" | Mahaprabhu's Sannyasa

    Makara-sankranti. – Last night in Nabadwip. – The separation’s piercing the heart and creates a channel for Krishna-prem. – Nimai Pandit approaches Keshava Bharati. – Mother’s permission. – Chandrashekhar Acharya is deputed for Mahaprabhu’s sannyas initiation. – Barber who shaved Mahaprabhu became a sweetmaker. – Gopi-bhav mantram. – The Guru-form of Krishna is Gauranga. – 10 million of Cupids and golden mirrors – the beauty of Mahaprabhu. – Chaitanya Das: relishing on the endless divine loop. – Mad search for Krishna – the essence of Krishna consciousness. – Mahaprabhu gives the mood of separation. – Where is the zenith point of service necessity? – The joy of union and separation. – First meeting with the devotees in the house of Advaita Acharya. - Kurukshetra of Bhagavad gita and Kurukshetra where the Gopis meet Krishna. - Three things that Mahaprabhu wants to experience. - How can the higher taste be revealed to someone? - Krishna-lila in distribution mode – Gaura-lila. – By faithfully hearing you’ll be blessed with capacity for appreciation.

    Chiang Mai 2016 - "Who can understand the joy of separation?" | Mahaprabhu's Sannyasa

    Author: Bhakti Sudhir Goswami Cycle: Chiang Mai 2016 Uploaded by: Priyanana Created at: 11 January, 2020
    Duration: 01:05:19 Date: 2016-01-15 Place: Gupta Govardhan Chiang Mai Downloaded: 231 Played: 613

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    We are told: all the devotees of Nabadwip are plunged into viraha-sagar, means – “an ocean of separation”. It was so painful – “piercing the heart”. But piercing the heart and thereby creating a channel for Krishna-prem.

    And it’s mentioned – that crowd – it became millions. How is this possible? And then we come back to this concept of the contraction and expansion of time and space as demonstrated in lila – in Krishna-lila and Gaura-lila – because it’s beyond the parameters of time and space and the world of time and space. Even when it’s brought into this plane – can contradict that. So what appears to be a crowd of thousands or hundreds of thousands… Mysteriously, it’s saying – the word used is the word that indicates “but not observable” – depends on the quality of person. So, in other words, gods and goddesses – they are descending. In some instances, we are told, they’re donning human forms. So, the crowd is swelling. Everyone wants to have a glimpse of the beauty of Mahaprabhu.

    Guru Maharaj says, “Necessity in the absence of fulfillment yields separation.”… That’s why separation is the key to Krishna consciousness.

    Gaura-lila has the added advantage for us of being the magnanimous distribution of Krishna-lila. Krishna-lila being madhurya, Gaura-lila being audarya. Vrindavan in distribution mode – Nabadwip. Krishna-lila in distribution mode – Gaura-lila. And Guru Maharaj said, “The rasa-lila in distribution mode is Mahaprabhu’s nam-sankirtan.”