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  • Anatomy of Desire

    Q: What do you do when you feel very-very angry? How do you try to harmonize or just keep this anger inside? — Things that you want: thinking, feeling, willing, acting. — Creative visualization. — From raja-guna to tama-guna: unfulfilled wish — frustration — anger. — Freud: the underlying motive for all movement is repressed desire. — Ads addressing repressed sexuality: the means to manipulate. Advertising ploy: appealing to something impossible to achieve. — Theocentric or egocentric world? — Why should human try for the same pleasures as pigs? — Eating non-veg. — Engaging senses in service for Krishna: Hanuman, braja-gopis. — Kama of the braja-gopis is prem: it’s Krishna-centric. — You cannot envy devotees and satisfy Krishna, because He loves them. — Brihad-bhagavatamritam: praising the unfolding degrees of dedication. — Pure devotion: appreciating the devotion of others. — Search who is the best servitor to satisfy Krishna. — In the higher plane you can engage in service even envy: Chandravali’s glorification of Krishna’s flute. — Trying to control the world. Krishna’s at the background. — Devotional thinking: interpretation of the relative circumstances in relation to the Absolute. 

    Chiang Mai 2018 - Anatomy of Desire

    Author: Bhakti Sudhir Goswami Cycle: Chiang Mai 2018 Uploaded by: Priyanana Created at: 2 July, 2018
    Duration: 01:00:34 Date: 2018-06-29 Place: Gupta Govardhan Chiang Mai Downloaded: 130 Played: 465

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    Wish-fulfillment: we want this person, place or thing. We are subjective agents, but our focus is outward, into the objective world. And we are envisioning some objective scenario that is egocentric, where we are at the center and things are going our way. And then what happens is the things do not go your way. You may have noticed this.

    Braja-gopis have no body consciousness. They only live for Krishna. Their bodies are composed out of dedicating tendencies.

    As long as you’re outer directed seeking inner fulfillment — that is not going to happen.

    The svarup is the rupa, the form that is personifying one’s devotional tendency.

    Krishna’s in control of everything and this happened. So then I’ll have to readjust my thinking: why did Krishna have this happened to me? What good am I supposed to extract from something that is, apparently, so wrong and so bad, or so undesirable, or so anger-inducing? What am I to learn from this?