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  • Vaishnavas' Interest: Selfishness or Not?

    Q: Why the interest of Vaishnava community can not be considered as extended selfishness?

    Q: If the truth is dynamic, can we say that it is unstable and what is truth today might not be truth tomorrow?

    Chiang Mai 2018 - Vaishnavas' Interest: Selfishness or Not?

    Author: Bhakti Sudhir Goswami Cycle: Chiang Mai 2018 Uploaded by: Priyanana Created at: 18 January, 2018
    Duration: 01:02:48 Date: 2018-01-05 Place: Gupta Govardhan Chiang Mai Downloaded: 616 Played: 1060

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    The secret to understand Krishna is to appreciate, to sing the glories of His devotees.

    Pastimes of Krishna, vilas, they are flickering. But it's a feature, not a bug.

    The attempt in Krishna consciousness yields substance. The lamentation for lacking qualification yields substance.

    Why does He like stealing? — A taste is sweeter. — Parakiya: one that belongs to another.