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  • Giriraj

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      21 December, 2012  
      Why are the Pastimes in Govardhan superior to the Pastimes in Vrindavan? Why all the cowherd men were worshiping Indra? Krishna wants to check the pride of Indra and reveal the glorious of Govardhan Hill The parallel between Giriraj Govardhan and Chaitanya Mahaprabhu Krishna convinces everyone to worship Govardhan Hill Indra has fallen into Krishna's trap Indra sends clouds and rains to attack the devotees Krishna lifts Govardhan Hill and gives shelter to everyone underneath How can Krishna lift a mountain? Govardhana Puja festival Krishna and Govardhan—same and different The Appearance of 'Junior Giriraj' Why are we aspire for the shelter of Gupta Govardhan?